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While cleaning up the school files I found a worksheet from the days before computers and tablets. A student left their name on their paper so I was able to find the year and class of that student. This worksheet dates back to 1978. See below.
Of course, I could not let it remain as a worksheet. It would become a flash puzzle. The website that has really invested a ton of time on the origin of this puzzle is Rick Archer at this website - http://www.ssqq.com/archive/christmaspuzzle00.htm
Clicking on the puzzle below will let you pick the name for each picture. By clicking the next button at the bottom of the page you can see the correct answers and click on the pictures to see where each fits in history and hear each song. You can also grade yourself with the "How'd I Do" button.
Yes, I still need to clean up those old file folders.
Christmas Song (Carol) Update 2020 - Now in Adobe Air
Answers to the Original Puzzle
Meaning behind the Twelve Days of Christmas
Not in the puzzle - Can you guess before clicking?
Last Christmas Video - Not on the puzzle - but it was the last Christmas
George Michael and Kathy Hill

The video to "Last Christmas" directed by Andrew Morahan, shows Wham! members George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley accompanying girlfriends to see friends at an unspecified ski resort cottage: the cable car that can be seen in two shots is from Switzerland, where the video was filmed. It becomes clear early on that the character of Ridgeley's girlfriend (played by model Kathy Hill) was previously in a relationship with Michael and that the song is aimed at her. She can be spotted throughout the video by the fact that she is usually wearing red, but everyone else is wearing more muted colors.

There is a brief flashback to a prior Christmas, showing Michael's character presenting Kathy Hill's character with a brooch. In the present time, Ridgeley is wearing the brooch, suggesting that Hill gave the same gift (perhaps by regifting it) to her new love after she and Michael parted ways. When Hill wears the brooch after receiving it from Michael's character, it is "right side up", and when Ridgeley's character wears it, he wears it "upside down". On numerous occasions, Michael presents a thoughtful expression, suggesting his conflicting emotions. As Michael is decorating the Christmas tree some decoration falls to the floor where Michael's ex-girlfriend is sitting and the ex-couple shares a few seconds of a knowing look at each other.

Her seeming indifference to Ridgeley's open displays of affection makes the viewer wonder if Ridgeley's heart is the next to be broken. At the end of the video, everyone leaves the cottage and when the group get out of the cable- car, they are all properly "paired off" with Michael and his new girlfriend looking happy.

Kathy Hill