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 Nat Turner,  Frederick Douglass,  Ralph Waldo Emerson,  Henry David Thoreau,  Unitarianism,  Charles G. Finney,  Second Great Awakening,  African American Church,  Revival African Methodist Episcopal Church,  Utopian Communities,  Shakers,  Dorothea Dix,  Horace Mann,  William McGuffey
Age of Reform
Terms include the following:
Nat Turner                 Frederick Douglass          Ralph Waldo Emerson
Henry David Thoreau          Unitarianism          Charles G. Finney
Second Great Awakening      African American Church          Revival
African Methodist Episcopal Church          Utopian Communities           Shakers
Dorothea Dix           Horace Mann           William McGuffey

Expanding Markets And Moving West Time Line
Introduce the Chapter 9 unit in U.S. History (Economic Markets and the Western Movement) with this interactive time line. Includes 16 cards to drag in place, a score button, graded cards, and a reset button. The purpose is to just explore what this unit will cover. Even though it is graded the instructor can use this time line to show problems that will occur from these events.
Crossword Keyword Puzzle
Terms from U.S. history textbook pp 274 - 279.
McCormick, Capitalism, Erie Canal, King Cotton, John Deere, Telegraph, New York, Entrepreneur, Vulcanized Rubber, Charles Goodyear, Steel Plow, Robert Fulton, National Road, Railroad, Elias Howe, and I.M.Singer
Sweet Betsy From Pike
Events Leading to the Civil War
Terms include: Harriet Beecher Stowe, Harriet Tubman, Wilmot Proviso, Popular Sovereignty, Compromise of 1850, John C. Calhoun, Underground Railroad, Millard Fillmore, Stephen A. Douglas, Kansas Nebraska Act, Bleeding Kansas,
Republican Party, Daniel Webster, John Brown, Henry Clay